See Ya Facebook!

Leaving Facebook and other forms of social media platforms was long overdue. Over this weekend I will share more as to why I made this decision.

I’ve tried to breakup with Facebook so many times in the past I can’t even remember them all. Today I have. This website, texting, emails, phone calls, and of course most importantly in person, will become my primary format for communicating with friends and others.

I’ve just seen how divisive Facebook has become and how it’s made enemies out of people that used to be friends. I’ll openly admit I’ve seen the sides of people this past year that are pretty ugly. Unattractive and qualities I just don’t share. Sadly, or maybe no so sadly I have distanced myself from those negative types.

I’ll be updating here on my own webpage more in the coming months. It already feels better. Facebook will be deleted this week at some point after I have retrieved some of my photos. Twitter is next.

Until then, remember. Hug your fellow human, kiss. Play and laugh. Don’t let this ridiculous behavior we have all be fed continue. Be human again, live life and love.

Be well.


About tommystafford

Recovering from life as TV news reporter. Airplane & helicopter pilot. Weather guesser. Farmer. Trail runner, dad & husband living in the beautiful Central Virginia Blue Ridge mountains!
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