Want To Know Why What’s Happening Is So Bad? I’ll Tell You.

The last two years has done nothing short of destroying what we as Americans valued most. Tradition. Growing up used to be so simple for youngsters all across this country from Montana to Arkansas. Dates on a Friday night, getting married, raising kids and drifting off into those twilight years together until the last rays of sun shine.

It’s that teenage couple in Hoxie, Arkansas taking an afternoon trip to the Mississippi River to sneak a beer or two and a kiss as the sun sets to the west. It’s the couple from Virginia that made their home in Montana now with three kids and their entire life ahead.

In 2019 we were all pretty assured our lives would be fairly close to what our parents experienced. More or less. Grow up, date, marry, kids. You were assured of a decent job or career. If you wanted to create your own path and become very wealthy, you could.

It’s not that you can’t nowadays, but it’s even harder. The innocence has been stolen.

We are living in some historically evil times. Even biblical. Say what you want about the so called pandemic. It’s gone far beyond that. Never in our lives have families been torn apart in the name of “safety” to others. Being forced to leave your mom, dad, wife or child to die alone in a hospital room or nursing home isn’t nobility, it’s cruelty. And it’s not science.

Now inflation is at a point not seen in 4 decades. The closest thing I remember is when I was a teen living back in Tennessee. Interest rates were in the double digits, gas was being rationed, and there was no real plan to curtail it. Those were Jimmy Carter days. Not much unlike what we are seeing now. But this one is on steroids, and the worst is yet to come.

It’s my hope that kids who have been forceably masked soon see that’s in the past. It’s cruel and should have never happened. Faces are to be seen. Smiles exchanged, hugs to be given. Our governor here in Virginia is doing some pretty fast work to unravel all of that. So far, I give him high marks. Time will tell.

No one is sitting on the edge of their seat to hear what I have to say. But, if I could say one thing. Live your life. Life ends in death. Live it now, fully.




About tommystafford

Recovering from life as TV news reporter. Airplane & helicopter pilot. Weather guesser. Farmer. Trail runner, dad & husband living in the beautiful Central Virginia Blue Ridge mountains!
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