Just Before Sunrise Summer Quietly Arrived And Unpacked

Kentucky Lake – Tennessee side 2022

Without a sound summer arrived this morning at 5:14 eastern time. I think I was still asleep, but I may not have been. I love summer. It’s my favorite time of the year. I really wish it officially started on Memorial Day weekend. (That’s the unofficial start anyway) By time official summer is underway, it seems like it’s already headed toward leaving and fall’s getting ready to move in.

There’s nothing like summer here in the mountains of the Blue Ridge, and there’s nothing like summer on the lake back in Tennessee. Summers on the lake there with one of my best friend, Burnie, have been a ritual since 1977. As teens we went there to his parents place. As adults some 45 years later we go back there at least once a summer and reconnect. It’s Burnie’s place now, his parents have long passed away. Boating across the water, remembering those days we’d tie up dollar store rafts to a pole in the water and float a cheap styrofoam ice chest out there filled with White Mountain Coolers. Yuck!

My friend Burnie pilots as we head back to the dock at the cabin after a beautiful summer day on Kentucky Lake about 20 minutes south of Paris, TN.

Today it’s fancier, and long gone are those spartan days of playing matchstick poker. There was no telephone back then at the cabin. We literally had to drive about 15 minutes into town if we needed to make a call. Today there’s internet, satellite TV and more. I still long for the matchstick poker days in some ways.

But regardless, I still love summer and all of its peepers at night. The lightning bugs, distant thunder and lightening across the Tennessee River channel in Houston or Stewart County. Or behind the mountains here at home over in Rockbridge or Augusta.

It doesn’t really matter where you are when summer arrives. Most of us, even if you hate summer and the heat, find some comfort in knowing we don’t have to fight the cold and snow for a few months. The pipes don’t freeze and naps on the porch are so much sweeter.

Summer will go just about as fast as it arrives. So I’ll enjoy the coming weeks. I hope you do too.

About tommystafford

Recovering from life as TV news reporter. Airplane & helicopter pilot. Weather guesser. Farmer. Trail runner, dad & husband living in the beautiful Central Virginia Blue Ridge mountains!
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1 Response to Just Before Sunrise Summer Quietly Arrived And Unpacked

  1. David says:

    And not a moment too soon! I’m sitting on the porch sipping a coffee and enjoying the sounds of the birds in the trees.

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