This Is What Potential Presidential Looks Like

Screenshot : Piers Morgan Show : YouTube

I’ve not been a Piers Morgan fan. Especially years ago. He was just so irrational and so opposed to fundamental American foundations. For example 2A. He’s softened on many of those things he once held firm opinions of.

That said, his latest interview with Florida Governor Ron Desantis was fair, complete and informative. DeSantis opens up and shows a personal side as well.

Below the full uncut interview.

This guy makes Trump look like a complete amateur. We need a more tempered approach to the political environment. At least in this interview, DeSantis delivers that.

To be clear, I left the Republican Party after Bush 2’s second term. Once he pushed Patriot Act, TSA and the like, I knew the party was no longer about personal rights, smaller government, and freedom. To the contrary. Today I consider myself an independent. Heck I voted for Jo Jorgensen in the last election.

That said, I like what I saw in this interview. Does that convert? Time will tell.


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