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And Here We Are Almost Three Years Later.

Nelson County, Virginia Back in April of 2020 I wrote a post here right here called, Keep The Fire Burning : Why A Hug, A Handshake & Friends Matter Now More Than Ever My opening paragraph in that post was … Continue reading

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How I Became Friends With The Late Earl Hamner, Jr – Creator Of The Waltons

Nelson County, Virginia Back in 2005 when we started a printed magazine here in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, Earl Hamner was in his early 80s and very much alive. A local director, Peter Coy, was in the process of … Continue reading

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Downing Of The Lights

Bryant, Virginia It’s always a bittersweet time of the year. After weeks of holiday feels, starting back with Thanksgiving, it finally ends in early to mid January. This year we decided to keep the outdoor lights up until just after … Continue reading

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6 Years & 50 Pounds

Six years ago on this very day I’d had enough. November 6, 2016. My pants were tight, my shirts were tight, I was fat. My blood pressure was bumping into pre-hypertensive territory  and even lying down in bed my heart … Continue reading

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A Chicken Funeral

  Nelson County, Virginia Once laying hens get old, usually about 3-4 years, they stop laying. On a farm they’ve served their purpose and lived a pretty good life, especially if they are able to get to pasture like ours … Continue reading

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“So Long To All My Friends In Tupelo, Mississippi” – RIP Captain Larry Bell

Dyer County, Tennessee Larry Bell and I shared an office together in the 1980’s when I was still in law enforcement. We both had moved into administrative jobs, more or less, at that point and it became necessary to have … Continue reading

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It’s Not The Same. But It’s Still Great!

Somewhere On The Bay For 13 years we’ve been coming to this spot on the Chesapeake Bay. Summer calls you here after those long, cold and dark winter days. We gave it a test run one year in the October … Continue reading

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Just Before Sunrise Summer Quietly Arrived And Unpacked

Without a sound summer arrived this morning at 5:14 eastern time. I think I was still asleep, but I may not have been. I love summer. It’s my favorite time of the year. I really wish it officially started on … Continue reading

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Doug Viar Taught Me Everything I Ever Learned About Covering News – Sure Wish He Was Still Around

I’ll never, ever forget the day Doug Viar’s daughter, Lori, sent me an instant message  over Facebook. “Tommy, daddy is gone.” It sort of confirmed something I had a funny feeling about that day. I’d been trying to reach Doug. … Continue reading

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March Begins. I Can Coast Now.

I can remember it. Clear as day. Every year on March 1st, even if it was snowing, my daddy would say, “Tommy, we can coast now. We’ve made it through February, that’s the worst of it.” He’d go on to … Continue reading

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